idea competition


Four categories for a livable Münster

We have selected four categories for the competition that play a particularly important role for the waste-free Münster of the future. This starts with waste prevention, because the best waste is ultimately that which is not created in the first place. Secondhand and non-packaging stores, food rescue stations or swap and repair exchanges: all of these help to make our consumption more sustainable. Upcycling, i. e. the transformation and reuse of objects, is a key to a circular economy in which significantly fewer resources are consumed than today. 

To recover recyclable materials, you first have to separate waste properly. Your ideas for doing this are just as welcome as ideas for recovering valuable materials, for example by turning organic waste into humus. And because cleanliness is part of being waste-free and we all want Münster to be clean, we would also like to encourage your ideas on this. 

Waste prevention & conscious consumption

Less is more and sharing is caring - because the best waste is the one that is not created in the first place. 

Example for "Waste prevention & conscious consumption"

Upcycling & Reuse

Old becomes new: Reusing gives objects a second life and makes consumption more sustainable. 

Example für "Upcycling & Reuse"

Separate properly & recover valuable materials

There is enormous value in waste. Together, we can make the most of them and protect the climate. 

Example for "Separate properly & recover valuable materials"

Urban cleanliness

Waste in the environment is unsightly and endangers nature and animals. Let's keep Münster clean! 

Example for "Urban cleanliness"